The Winery


We make white and sparkling wines using the latest winemaking technology to bring out the best from our own estate grown grapes.

Our still grape varieties are de-stemmed, crushed and macerated before being pressed to maximise fruit extraction, all stainless steel fermentation tanks are installed with temperature regulation jackets, temperature sensors and carbon dioxide sensors and our fermentation rates are controlled automatically so that the fermentations are slow and gentle.


We use a closed-loop control system using carbon dioxide sensors, which measure the fermentation rate in real-time. Our bottling is done under inert gas, with bottles sealed under Stelvin Lux+ saran tin screw caps and the wines are scientifically analysed and monitored in our wine laboratory.


Vineyard Tours

Our tours are special. They are given by one of the winemakers, Simon or Tom or our vineyard manager, Adderley. It includes a comprehensive, in-depth tour of both the vineyard and the winery, culminating in a wine tasting of our range of delicious wines. You will gain a fascinating insight into how commercial wine is made and get close to all the equipment.