Protecting and preserving our environment is central to our winemaking approach at Stopham Vineyard

Our sustainability is important to our business and our customers – not just from an ethical perspective, but also to maintain a natural ecosystem that is best for our vines and our wine. We are fortunate to work within an area of such unprecedented natural beauty in the South Downs National Park. Because of our surroundings, we have the welcome, ever-present reminder if the importance of respecting and protecting the environment on which we rely.It is with this in mind that we consider the sustainability of every decision taken at the vineyard. Sustainability Strategy was developed with Beth Derry from Inside Out Responsibility.


Vineyard Tours

Our tours are special. They are given by one of the winemakers, Simon or Tom or our vineyard manager, Adderley. It includes a comprehensive, in-depth tour of both the vineyard and the winery, culminating in a wine tasting of our range of delicious wines. You will gain a fascinating insight into how commercial wine is made and get close to all the equipment.