Our Team

Simon Woodhead

Winemaking Director

Simon used to design automotive sensors at TAG McLaren F1 before studying Viticulture at Plumpton Agricultural College in East Sussex.

Tom Bartlett

Assistant Winemaker

Tom also studied Viticulture at Plumpton Agricultural College, graduating in 2012. Tom has also done vintages in California and New Zealand.

Adderley Pelly

Vineyard Apprentice

Adderley joined us in September as our new full-time apprentice. Adderley is learning fast and becoming invaluable in both the vineyard and winery.

Rob Dench

Tech Geek

Rob joins us at bottling and harvest as well as any time that something needs fixing. Whether that is a fault with the bottling line or to fix the broken vine trimmer, no job seems beyond Rob.

Jamie Allen

Transport and Beef

Jamie is our local wagyu cattle farmer, but moonlights for us during harvest, responsible for delivering the grapes to the winery and helping out with processing.